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Thank you for submitting a suggestion to our uservoice portal. Before you continue please consider the following:

We try to make our software as full featured as possible for a wide range of users in order to help Shift4Shop merchants succeed in their respective businesses.

However, please understand that while your idea may be perfect for your individual business model, it may not work for all stores and situations. We’ve set up this feature request and suggestion portal for ideas that may be of a benefit to all users globally on Shift4Shop. Hence the voting system that is enabled on the portal.

With that being stated, please also understand that submitting an idea to this portal does not guarantee that the suggestion can or will be implemented globally on the service for all users. As a service, Shift4Shop has many facets where functionality is dictated by peripheral services and influences such as API connections to Shipping Carriers, contractual agreements and integration parameters with various payment gateway providers, database limitations and other factors that can affect the likelihood of a suggestion being implemented.

If a suggestion is declined, we will make every effort in our control to offer counter suggestions or alternatives to try, including 3rd party-partner services (browse through our App Store) or work arounds using the existing software as is.

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Feature Requests


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